For this new year and our first PS5 tournament, we want to do something different! !

We used to make single elimination brackets but they are too drastic and some teams can be eliminated in the first round without proving themselves.

So we thought about a system that will give more fun to the organizer and the players and grow the chance of every participating teams to win !
So we focused on 3 elements :

  1. The duration of the tournament
  2. The excitement of the games
  3. Number of games to play

This is why we decided to go for the format! Round Swiss !

We see you coming… no, we don’t copy the NBA2KLEAGUE, we had thought long before about this Swiss format 😉

The Royal Rumble tournament will be our first PS5 Tournament and we will use the Round Swiss format !

  • Based on the number of participants, we will determine a number of rounds to play.
  • Every teams will have to play only one serie of 2 matchs (Home, Away) Each round
  • Each round will have to be played before a deadline (1 or 2 days) between each round
  • After the last round, all teams will be ranked by their scores.
  • The TOP 4 Teams will be sent into a single elimination bracket where they will play each round on BO3 and the final will be played on BO5

Platform : Sony PS5 ONLY
Format : Round Swiss + Elimination bracket
Registration :
Entry Fees : 40 $ / Team ==>
Starting date : 25/01/2021
End date : TBD
Number of rounds : TBD
Cashprize : 500€

The Swiss-system tournament is a non-eliminating tournament format that features a fixed number of rounds of compétition depending on the number of participants. It gives all teams or participants a fair chance to progress through to the elimination stages of any given tournament. Additionally, it gives those teams equally balanced matches of people on the same score.

The advantage of this format is that as the Swiss Round progresses, the matches become more and more balanced and you don’t especially know who you are going to play against until the end of the previous round because you are playing against teams with the same results as your team.

The basic idea is “winners play winners; losers play losers”. Even if a team loses its first game, it is still possible for it to finish high in the final rankings if it wins all of its other games.
  • Round 1
Every team start with a record of 0-0 so everyone is in the same group and play another team once.
  • Round 2
Each team that win plays another team that win. (1 Win -0 Loose) – Each team that lost plays another team that lost. (0 Win – 1 Loose)
  • Round 3
– each team that has won two games plays another team that has won two games. (2 Win -0 Loose) – each team that has won one game and lost one game plays another team that has won one game and lost one game. (1 Win – 1 Loose) – each team that has lost two games plays another team that has lost two games. (0 Win – 2 Loose)
  • Round 4, 5, 6….
And so on for the successive rounds.

At the end of all rounds a ranking will be established.

The TOP 4 will be sent to a mini knockout tournament in BO3 with the final in BO5 to try to win the 500€ cashprize.

Will you be able to finish the tournament without losing any matches?