LAST UPDATE 19/03/2021


  • Use these rules as a guideline for teams to solve issues on your own before bringing any issues to the referees.
  • The rules contained herein are intended to be explanatory in nature. 2KCONTEST can not predict every case that may come up in advance. Additionally, as rules are written they can be understand differently by each one. If the words or expression of a rule doesn’t fit with the intent of the rule, there’s a loophole, or other abusive behavior is occurring, 2KCONTEST reserves the right to amend and enforce any and all of its rules retroactively conforming to its intents and in the spirit of fair competition.
  • The 2KCONTEST referees decision is final. By signing up for each tournament you accept any and all decisions 2KCONTEST referees makes regardless of what this rule page states.

Network or Game issues

  • The following rules apply ONLY to lag outs or other unforced 2K related errors.
    • If you choose to quit out of a game in a tournament referees can take the decision to forfeit the team.
    • We are promoting fair play and common sense use. We advise you to take this in consideration in every tournaments.
  • If a player lags out BEFORE tip off it is an automatic restart. The team with the player lagging should quit the game and contact the opposing team to match up again.
  • If a lag out occurs in the 1st quarter of a game and before the first half of the quarter means before 2:30 min and it’s not a 5+ point game, the game SHOULD be restarted and the will not count.
    • Exemple : You are up 10-6 in the first quarter at 1 :31 and someone lags out. That will not count and teams game CAN be restarted.
  • During tournaments, if a lag out occurs you may be required to restart the game and play the time remaining with the same score differential at the time of the lag out.
    • Example: Team A is up 52-60with the ball on Team B with four minutes remaining. Team B lags out. Team A and B must play the first four minutes of a new game, with Team A winning the tip and given a +8 advantage. (Round to nearest minute).
  • In case a player in a team lags, IF and ONLY IF The entire team think it can be a disavantage the entire team should quit immediately (45sec after the lag) !
    • if a player still play despite a player on his team is lagging no dispute will be taken in account regarding the lags !

As state before we want to promote fair play and common sense use !

So we invite every teams to work things out on their own and decide things on the court based on the rules state here.

Teams should not consistently try to get free wins or try to exploit the rules to get a restart. Remember, this kind of behavior from teams or players develop a bad reputation in the competitive community over time.

If you are here it’s because you want compétitions and recongnition ! so this kind of behavior is useless.

The 2KCONTEST staff reserves any and all rights to make a unilateral decision if we think a team or player is abusing the rules.

  • All games must be streamed on a registered Twitch account(s). All games must be archived in case admins have to review video.
  • Every team must have a representative (Preference for the Captain) for their team in the tournament channel on Discord.
  • Captains must join our Discord server via this link

The burden of proof for rules violations lies with the captains (video, audio, time stamped screen shots). 2KCONTEST is not required to track down proof itself and will not take a captain’s word for it unless he has proof of his accusations.

 Strict rules, schedule , and Activity


  • The intent of the DEADLINE rule is to create a competitive environnement that is respectful of ORGANIZER’S free dedication, opponent’s and viewers’ time.
  • The deadline rule may not be applicable to every tournaments.
  • Every Team are aware of the deadlines before registrations. So the deadline cannot be postponned unless exceptionals conditions.
  • We post important messages in the discord channel during every competitions and theses message are mean to be read. We therefore invite all the captains to read these different messages as we reserve the right to take the necessary measures in case a team has not read a message and cause the tournament to not move forward.
  • we sacrifice personal time and time with our families to try to offer you quality content and competition.We feel that the minimum is to respect this and to show a professional image of the community as much as possible.


  • After a game date and time is established, with your opponent post it in the dedicated chanel on discord. Both teams must agree.
  • Every 15 minutes after that a team is late for a schedule game will result in a forfeit of a match in the BO3 series.
    • Exemple : Team A and Team B should play at 21:00. If Team B is late and did not show up at 21:15, Team A win the first game by 50-0 and the series is 1-0. If Team B still not show up at 21:20, Team A Win the second game by 50-0 and the BO3 series by 2-0.
    • If you do not report your game times on the dedicated channel in advance as described above, we will not enforce the on time rules and your game will not be taken in account and will be draw to determine the winner.
  • You must notify the opposing captain 5 hours in advance to reschedule. The scheduled can only be pushed back a maximum of one time and by respecting the deadlines.
  • You may not be able to reschedule games in somes competitions.
  • In case a team is in The Finals stage (Semi-Finals & Finals), date and time of a match CANNOT BE POSTPONED and must be played at the defined date by the deadlines schedule !


  • You may not choose to quit out of the game. If you choose to quit out of the game for valid reasons repeatedly without the opponent agreement, your team may be forfeited.
  • The only acceptable reason to quit a game is that you lagged out or another reason beyond your control. You may be given one warning or forfeited.

2KCONTEST reserve the right to not enforce the deadlines rule or the on time rules for any reason. 2KCONTEST may decide to not enforce the rule include but are not limited to first time offenders, for exemple if it’s a late round of the tournament, the team is deemed to have a significant emergency situation (ex: incapacitated, hospitalized, etc.).

  • Any proof of using a fake significant emergency situation will result of a forfeit of the team.
Match result submission
  • 30min Max after every series (BO3) one of the teams MUST submit the box score with all the games results AND statisics. All screenshots are needed which must include the stats for both teams.
  • We will only accept high quality images. We will not accept blurry images as we need to easily see the stats on the box score.
  • Box score must be submitted by posting them in the Game result channel in the Discord Server. All games posted must be labeled.
    • We need these screenshot to update everyone stats.
  • A player can only play on ONE team. Playing on multiple teams at once AND/OR in the same tournament will result in all parties being removed from the tournament.
  • Soon as a team is confirmed and registered in a tournament AND the tournament has started, the roster cannot be changed during this tournament. No trading, no players transfer will be allowed. If a player leaves a team, this team can transfert one player that is not playing in the actual tournament !
  • If we find out that a team roster has changed during the tournament without informing the 2KCONTEST STAFF the team will be forfeit !
  • 1st time playing with a player not on your team roster will result in a forfeit or warning on the current tournament.
  • 2nd time playing with a player not on your team roster will result in being removed from the league.
Account Sharing
  • All psn’s on a team’s roster must be valid. The psn must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.
  • A team should not allow someone who is not the registered owner of an account to play on that account in a game and/or you may not play in a game while logged in to an account registered to someone else.
  • Opponents are responsible for identifying violations of these rules in advance of playing the game. It is not the full responsibility of the NBA2KCONTEST staff to police your games. to be able to do this we offer you this solution. 
    • An opponent should identify a violation by requesting a mic check before playing the game. If it is clearly not the correct person on the account, you can request to wait until they have a legitimate team. On time rule will still be in effect. so if the correct player did not shows up on time it will be a match forfeit for the team using a wrong player.
    • You must provide a proof to support any claims of an ineligible player playing in a game
    • The proof must be clear to read/hear and not edited (using editing software) !
    • Video proof are the only accepted method. We do not accept text msg etc.. as proof.
    • When disputing account use, you MUST have proof to back up your claims. You cannot dispute without providing valid proof. If you do not have proof to support your claims, you should NOT dispute. Caly is weird Disputing without providing valid proof may result in a forfeit or a ban.
Glitchs & Exploits

“Heart Crusher” :

This badge will be banned from our competitions and no player is allow to equit it !

Having this badge on any game of our compétitions will result in a game loose on the series !

If a player has the Heart crusher on the game (Even if he has forgotten to remove it).